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Crest HD Whitening System

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Crest HD Whitening System


You’ve always taken the best care possible for your mouth. Now, you can upgrade to the new Crest HD daily two-step system. We’ve isolated ingredients to deliver superior results with a Purifying Cleanser and Perfecting Gel. Step 1 strips plaque away, and Step 2 polishes and whitens for an amazing experience that lets you feel the difference from first use. Try it today, and upgrade to a more luminescent* smile with 6x cleaning†, 6x whitening* and superior sensitivity relief to Sensodyne** at 2 weeks.


  • Crest’s biggest breakthrough in toothpaste since fluoride
  • 6x cleaning†, 6x whitening* and superior sensitivity relief to Sensodyne** at 2 weeks.
  • Upgrade to a cleaner* & more luminescent* smile with Crest Pro-Health HD
  • Feel the difference from first use with the daily 2-step system
  • Step 1 Purifying Cleanser helps strip away plaque, Step 2 Perfecting Gel polishes and whitens teeth
  • Each system contains one 4.0 oz Step 1 tube and one 2.3 oz Step 2 tube


EXP: 08/2021

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